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topping portraitWayne Topping, PhD, LMP is a New Zealander with a doctorate in geology from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. He was a geology professor with experience working on active and dormant volcanoes in New Zealand, glacial deposits in the Antarctic, and archeology in the Middle East before he became converted to holistic health.

In 1976, while teaching geology in southern California in the United States, Dr. Topping took his first Touch for Health class. Intrigued, he became a Touch for Health Instructor in 1977, and began training in several other areas of holistic health. By 1980, while teaching geology at Western Washington University, Wayne decided to change careers. He trained for three months with John Barton at the Biokinesiology Institute in Talent, Oregon to become a Biokinesiology Instructor then did extensive training in kinesiologies such as Educational Kinesiology, Biokinesiology, SIPS, NOT, Health Kinesiology, Hyperton-X, 3-in-1, Blue Print, PKP as well as hypnotherapy. Dr. Topping is a Washington state-licensed massage therapist, state-registered hypnotherapist and is one of four International Kinesiology College faculty for Touch for Health in the United States.

Wayne founded Topping International Institute, Inc in 1984 and began teaching extensively overseas (23 countries as of January, 2009). Later he founded Wellness Kinesiology to provide an umbrella name for at least 17 workshops he developed which focus on stress management, defusing stuck emotions, balancing energy centers (chakras), working with emotions, biokinetic exercises, nutritional testing, allergies, overcoming addictions, weight loss, overcoming adversity, understanding personality, defusing negative personality traits, the digestive system and the eight extra meridians. He has written several books including Biokinesiology Workbook, Balancing the Body’s Energies, Stress Release, Success over Distress, Quake Busters, and Biokinetic Exercises.

Dr. Topping lives in Great Britain (and out of a suitcase) and is actively involved in activities such as hiking, climbing, hang gliding, sky diving, trapezing, white water rafting, Toastmasters International, and reads extensively.


Listen to the interesting interview "Making a difference" -  Wayne tells where and why he jumped into Kinesiology   please click at the iconInterview mit Dr.Wayne Topping


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