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Köves Zsuzsanna
August 25-28, 2011 - KECSKEMÉT, HUNGARY

Internationale Kinesiologie Konferenz des IKC, International Kinesiology College

O-one   N-needed   E-equality   N-nice   E-enthusiasm  S-safe   S-sincere

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As an enthusiastic learner and later follower, I joined the National Association of Hungarian Kinesiologists in 1995. Due to my personality I started searching for the way to unify people with similar interest and to disseminate kinesiology.
Therefore, as the organizer secretary, I organized the first Hungarian kinesiology conference in Kecskemét, in 1996. The Hungarian congress turned out to be an international one as we could greet among the presenters Aria Den Hartog and Debbie Tol-Wildeboer Dutch kinesiologists and Kristof Eordogh Reiki-master and kinesiologists, who lived in Switzerland.
The congress ended up with burst of applause, so I organized the Hungarian national conferences of 1997 and 1998 in Kecskemét. We could widen the international presenters inviting Peter Samwell Tarot-instructor.
The international (and the Hungarian) guests were having a good time, so Aria, who was a faculty of IKC (International Kinesiology College) asked me if I could undertake organizing an international congress. Quickly I said yes, believing that I had the support of the national association with many enthusiastic people, who devote their work to familiarize the Hungarian kinesiologists' name all over the world and help their colleagues inviting the founders of the kinesiology methods.
The official request of the IKC arrived to our association in a couple of months.
And then the hard work of 3 years started... I was backed by my friends and my students. We have not had funds; we only had my enthusiasm, professional knowledge and acquaintanceship as I had been a public educator, having taken part in organizing many programs of great dimensions.
In 2001 August, in the same place, Kecskemét, about 120 foreign and local guests were fascinated by the KNOCK 2001 Worldwide International Kinesiology Congress. Among others, we had presenters, such as: Dr. John F. Thie, the founder of Touch for Health Kinesiology, the "Father of Kinesiology"; Gordon Stokes, the co-founder of 3in1 Concepts, Dr. Jimmy Scott, who created Health Kinesiology; Dr. Charles Krebs, the father of LEAP; Dr. Wayne Topping, the creator of Wellness Kinesiology, etc.
There were great workshops alongside the congress, mostly for local kinesiologists.
The congress lived up to expectations: our name started to spread all over the world, meaning that we have not KNOCKed in vain, we could raise interest. As everyone had a good time, we were able to make a name for Hungarian kinesiologists and make Kecskemét and Hungary more renown.
After all this, I quit the Hungarian Kinesiology Association and started going my way. Solving my tasks. As a presenter of some international kinesiology conferences, I have experienced the enormous development of kinesiology, the profound knowledge of my foreign colleagues. I cannot deny myself, so I established PKS (Professional Kinesiology School) in order that Hungarian kinesiologists can integrate into and be on a par with the international standards, not just with their professional and language knowledge but humane behaviour.
As I really cannot deny myself, we accepted the invitation of IKC to organize a worldwide congress in 2011. We will have workshops and seminars around the congress, with excellent instructors again. For the Oneness to be more complete, the EDU-K Foundation joined us so we can celebrate and learn together with them.
In agreement with the PKS students we thought that we do not have to KNOCK as the door is open so we will work on ONENESS between:
•    Kinesiology branches
•    Kinesiologists on all continents
•    Hungarian Kinesiologists
•    Mankind
•    Men and Women
•    Parents and their Children
•    In Ourselves.
We invite you to be a part of this feast, demonstration, learning and entertainment. 
Be a part of the ONENESS Conference. 
Come, extend your knowledge on the seminars.



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