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 success is
Motivation, Conversation and Kinesiology Balance

Every Human is a success

Everybody has an inner feeling: what does success mean for me. If the inner truth of being a success is blocked, health and happiness gets destroyed easily. This format of communication and balance techniques easily adresses the core of the issue, it builts up a new state of mind and health and strenghtens the person in his/her whole life.

Not success is the key to happiness, but happiness is the key to success. If you like to do what you do, you will be successful. "

Albert Schweitzer

The world is talking about success. Parents like to tell, that their children are successful. Ms X or Mr. Y is very successful, it says in conversations. To be successful seems to be a very important feature.


But what is it truly - SUCCESS?

The Google search engine on the Internet shows 1,180,000,000 on this topic - 5 July 2017 So there seems to be a very great need for success. While working on the subject, also triggered by my own kinesiology practice and the training courses, I kept looking for sources that try to define success at the different levels. The range stretches from the so-called "money guards" to spiritual sources. In general, success has either been confined to health or money-earning.

It is only in recent publications that the personality is included and the whole environment, e.g. Stefan Merath, business consultant. The Viennese psychiatrist and neurologist Victor E. Frankl laid the foundations already in the nineties, on which today many branches rely on, also in the kinesiology .   "We fulfill our existence with meaning by realizing values." Talking about the issue of success we can not avoid the conscious formulation of our values.


Is there only one path to success?

Consistency of core points

During my research, I found the following core points, which occur again and again, whether in financial advisors or in spiritual books on the subject of success:

Continuous learning pursuit

  • To overcome fear
  • To take responsibility
  • To know that I am responsible for my life
  • Do not give energy to Ddstructive doubts
  • To take care of certain things continuously, e.g. Securing the future, financial prudence, where am I now? Body, health, friendships etc.
  • To learn from mistakes
  • To recognize the importance of the inner attitude and to be aware of my concrete attitude. What do I really want?
  • Continuous expansion and expression of happiness regardless of the situation

The personal attitude

Each person has an inner attitude, an inner image, which means success for him. Various influences are included in this picture, including:

  • The society in general
  • The family of origin
  • Personal experiences
  • job self-realization
  • The feeling of happiness
  • Ethical foundations and conceptions

For many people success has been defined by others. They certainly live with different proportions in their lives, which do not belong to their own core longings. If the inner conception, which means success on the personal level, do not match with the external reality at least 1/3, existential crisis can occur. "A crisis becomes a crisis only when the person gets into an insurmountable self-doubt.“


To doubt oneself is, in the simplest case, to doubt the possibilities for further realization of one's own values. In the most severe case, it means to doubt the self, because in the crisis one recognizes that one does not know one's own values. The consequence of such a doubt is despair. " 1

The more I know myself, the more accurate my personal definition of success becomes. The goal of The Dynamics of Success is to really come to an individual guide of success and live it.


Positive changes happen unfortunately not always automatically.

You need to find a way to travel the road of changes. Here, kinesiology is a still underestimated resource.

Every muscle test becomes part of The Dynamics of Success. His only goal is to teach and realize the "getting better" by communicating with the body's intelligence. This also includes looking at his apparent "failures". For failures are nothing more than steps along the way. Or as Lama Ole Nydahl puts it: the steps along the way are not enlightenment itself. But without going, one does not reach the goal.

Each success begins at a point of balance. "If you achieve spiritual success, but not physically or materially, you are no longer in balance. If you lose yourself in physical success, you are also no longer in balance.“2

To connect the spiritual and the material side of success while travel on this road, is personally important to me. For the narrowing of man to the material or to the spiritual contradicts the potential that every human being can unfold in his life.


Practical part

To accompany people to success is to create the conditions that people find the meaning that is connected with success for them

  1. Defining success

I know I am successful, where I ... ................................... ... ............

I know I am successful, where I ... ................................... ... ............

I know I am successful, where I ... ................................... ... ............


Write three sentences, which success means for you. Change them until they are really resonating for you. This can take several days, allow youself to change the sentences again and again. Notice how the sentences influences your life.

Test the sentences with the kinesiological muscle test, balance stressors with the techniques you know and test again. Change the sentences if necessary.


  1. Stop victimizing

We people love to play victim, unfortunately!

There are many sentences in everyday life that we would not immediately reveal as "sacrificial" ... My parents have not let me attend school, so I am what I am today ... ... There was too much traffic, so I'm too late ... ... The neighbor's fault is that I'm so bad ... Caution! There is another aspect: If you are angry about what another person has done, you take the poison that the other person has spat, you should not! Let it go, you should not hang in.

Let it go, you should not hang in. Take a positive inner attitude (compassion!) and let the negative pass.


The balance process:

  1. Think about a topic where you feel like a victim
  2. Test the points on the head. These points are Hypothalamus Set Points!SI 19 ST -1 GB1
  3. Tapthe points that turn off on both sides while the person being tested says aloud: My heart is filled with love and forgiveness.
  4. Close the balance by re-testing the topics under 1. 
  5. If these points do not show, test: CV 21 GV 26
  6. BL1
  7. LI 20
  8. TW 23
  9. It is not important whether the facts were objective. Your inner reality always wins. When the indicator is turned off, the topic is worth to be balanced

 Resource Stop victimizing: Dr.Sheldon Deal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZjqvAyJkHA

Have your feelings changed? How are you doing now? Feel free to share your experience.


Further background and balances are adressed during the lecture at the International Kinesiology Conference in Kirchzarten 2017.

Celebrate your new freedom and success!



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