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Menschen wissen mehr- gewusst wer, wo und wie - jetzt lesen!

Kinesiologie-Welt gibt Wissen über Gesundheit, Kinesiologie, persönliche Entwicklung und Erfolg

kinesiologyworld Begins!
On April 15th, 2008 begins. 

On April 15th, 2008 begins.

This new internet portal creates a highly valued platform which makes accessible, the methods and effectiveness of kinesiology  to a broader audience. This portal creates a connection with more attractive material, through big picture formats and a new web catalogue:

  • Topical news
  • Information and appointments
  • Backgrounds and portraits
  • Methods within the Kinesiology sphere
  • Professional documentations and aids.

With it’s configuration to the "Google-Complexity" of the Internet: This new portal should allow bit by bit a grouping and linking of all relevant thematic information and offers connected to Kinesiology.


The portal configuration (formal constrains of the portal) has been formed through modern technological user-friendly knowledge, centred around pictures and contents.
The main goal is to provide a worldwide catalogue for instructors, coaches, trainers, medical therapists, institutes and publishing companies. The catalogue offers the functionality of own web sites for the listed customers. By the portal integration exists a special possibility to present itself successfully in the web:

  • narrow attention connection to the complex subject "Kinesiology", easily to be find
  • improved search machines-ranking,
  • search machine friendly URLs for catalogue entries
  • direct presentation within special interest (focused) -Communities.

In the removal phase from 2009 exists the possibility to switch own, editable offer sides to the web-catalogue entries. Therewith, all changes, appointments and tips can be placed day-topically -an important innovation step which will raise the value of information within the portal.

The idea for this portal was developed by the idea agency Ventureworx in Berlin and the Kinesiologie Institut Berlin, technically out of the agency Quintact in Potsdam.

The economic bearer is Christiane Wolfes,  who initiates innovative social-responsible projects and develops up to economic load-carrying capacity.
For, an editorial staff and a special interest -community is being built up to secure the content and editorial quality as well as accepted standards; and a narrow collaboration with professional federations and professional institutions is strived for.
The editorial staff has been initiated by

Christiane Wolfes. The first co-authors have also already been invited and provide their own professional contributions.

This kinesiology world assists with researching facts, opinions and methods and thereby helps solidify a comprehensive positioning of kinesiology and creates an academically sound beginning. Therefore, a high-class standard together with the professional federations should be developed and advanced.

Kinesiology World – buoyancy – liveliness -  the art of staying in motion.

Christiane Wolfes 


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